When Kurt goes off on Mr. Schue they look over at each other shocked. #If you are "Today, if you do … next. Santana looks at Britany with a loving smile and loving eyes. Santana places her hand on Brittany's shoulder to help her step down, Brittany is smiling and is checking Santana out while she's walking to the front. They are with the others in the choir room during Finn and Quinn's performance of I Don't Want To Know. Brittany says, "I do love you. Throughout the performance, Santana and Brittany can be seen looking at each other with a smile on their face. At the end of the episode, The New Directions, The Alumni and Will Schuester gather in the auditorium to sing What the World Needs Now to Brittany and Santana. I mean they must have. During Blaine's song, I'm Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You, the camera cuts between shots of Britanny's angry/upset face and Santana goofing off and very awkwardly dancing with Karofsky. Santana says that ones perfect. During celibacy club, after Santana twirls in her skirt (while Quinn says "God bless the pervert that invented these skirts") if you look at Brittany you can see her bite her lip kind of sexily. Rachel says, "No, that's Santana.". Brittany and Santana both throw up purple. They are together in the choir room. She seems to direct the line "but listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness" to Santana, who then looks over at Brittany during "like a heartbeat drives you mad, the stillness of remembering what you had and what you lost." After Constant Craving, Brittany jumps up to Santana with a hug and whispered "that was so beautiful" in her ear. Santana admits she doesn't wanna be queen if Brittany isn't king, showing how much they care about each other since last year, Santana wanted to win more than anything in the world and now it doesn't matter. During We Got the Beat, Santana and Brittany are holding hands and run up and dance together on the tables, and at the end, Santana turns around and says something to Brittany. Santana says "I'm team Britt all the way" while Brittany says "I'm voting for the hockey player"; Santana corrects her, telling Jacob "No she's not". "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" by Stockard Channing from Grease Saint Anne is the patron saint of Brittany, a region in France. And what I realized is why I'm such a bitch all the time. During the New Directions mash-up of I Can't Go For That/You Make My Dreams they are sitting together. While Kurt is fixing Santana's makeup, Brittany is standing very close. It sounds like something which is almost always more than nothing." She pauses and then says, Britt can you stop staring at me I can't remember my locker combo. Brittany tells her to get over it because "sad is stupid" and Santana replies that she still cares about her and that she is not being herself. They are sitting together in the choir room during the boys performance. Brittany stares sweetly at Santana when she sings "it's not what I'm used to". They are with the others in the choir room during Rachel's Go Your Own Way performance. Brittany says I do love you. Brittany says, "No, not really." When Blaine is singing Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F. They are sitting together in the choir room, Santana is smiling at Brittany. Can't I just have one night where I'm queen? Brittany says she has pepperoni down her bra and Santana tells her that those are her nipples. They are both seen wearing their friendship bracelets through the majority of the episode. Are you mad? When being interviewed by Ben, Brittany says "People think I went on vacation when really I spent the summer lost in the sewers. You're a genius, Brittany. Because its made me do a lot of thinking. Santana, shocked, says "Artie?" When Brittany mentions Rory being a leprechaun, Santana tells her if she had a wish she'd wish that Brittany goes to Shelby's choir with her. In a statement, … Sue then pulls out an acceptance letter to the University of Louisville and Santana thanks Sue for it, but Sue says it was all Brittany's idea, which makes it appear that Brittany was trying to push her to make the right decision all along. They can also be seen dancing, singing along, and talking. When Santana says she's with Dave, Brittany looks on the verge of tears. They frequently held hands and linked pinkies all through season one. When Will asks all the glee club members to meet in the choir room due to not 'pulling their weight', they are seen sitting next to each other. Mercedes tells Santana to stop fighting with Finn and focus on their group. A physical relationship between the two was first alluded to in the season one episode "Sectionals". Later, as soon as Puck tackles Finn to the ground, Santana can be seen with her arm linked with Brittany's. They look at each other several times during the song. They are sitting together in the choir room when Mr. Schue comes back. Santana, you have to know if Artie I were to ever break up and I'm lucky enough that you are still single..." She tries to hold Santana's hand, but is pushed away as Santana says, "Don't." When Sue comes in, since she is now the co-director, Santana and Brittany smirk at each other. Santana says, "Look. Santana is seen cheering Brittany and the New Directions during I Love It. He asks her to prom and she declines. Brittany kisses Santana at the end of the episode and Santana states that it wasn't a good idea, because she worked so hard to get over Brittany. They are standing together before Santana begins Valerie and Brittany runs her hand down the back of her head and slaps her on the butt twice. Brittany is smiling at Santana when She said "Hey," and Santana glances over at her. Brittany gives Santana the idea to take Finn Hudson's virginity. Santana says do you think this voodoo doll looks enough like Rachel Berry to actually work? The first verse of the song is about their relationship "Hey-hey-hey You And Me Keep On Dancing In The Dark, It's Been Tearing Me Apart, Never Knowing What We Are. After the song ends, Santana updates them by telling them that she told her parents and they seem to be accepting, but she still needs to tell her abuela. Brittany starts singing I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me), Santana can be seen laughing, clapping and cheering and thoroughly into the performance. When Will walks into the class, they are seen wrapped around each other by the waist supposedly dancing with one another while conversing. They are together with the others in the choir room during Lauren's I Know What Boys Like performance. They ponder on the playlist and cover closely together in which Santana thanks her for. Before the New Directions' Regionals performance, Brittany says to the Glee Club that she has something to say, and Santana gives her a sad look. ", Santana looks up at Brittany. Brittany walks up in the middle of Santana's interview with Jacob and interrupts, they walk off smiling with their arms locked. Please say you love me back. At the final glee meeting, the two of them are seen talking to Artie, all smiles. Santana says "no. It seems as if Brittany reaffirming their friendship hurts her, because she doesn't want to be just "best friends." Santana looks unsure on how to react to the comment. Santana says "I get to be an outsider my whole life. Brittany and Santana are seen cuddling during Don't Wanna Lose You, Brittany has her head on Santana's shoulder and Santana's arm is around Brittany and they are holding hands. Brittany: If it were Santana and I would be dating. They are with the others in the choir room when Ms. Pillsbury says, "The thing about you that you are most ashamed of or you would like to change, but can't because you were born this way", Santana looks down. Brittany says "It's just a stupid crown. She tells Santana to please not tell anyone, especially Artie. When visiting Kurt and Rachel in New York, Santana tells Kurt that she can't return to Lima while Brittany is there, since their break-up is very recent. Artie apologizes to Brittany by singing Isn't She Lovely. Santana later says that Artie asked her earlier if he could make a gigantic omelet when she's done with the ostrich eggs she's smuggling in her bra. They are with the others when Sandy gives money to help the Brainiacs, Brittany says something to Santana and she shakes her head. You can't be mad at Rachel forever." Santana and Brittany have both acted as beards for, There is a drawing on Brittany's locker saying " Lord Tubbington Thinks You're Purrrrfect and So Do I" which can also be seen in Santana's locker. They are together with the others in the choir room and the auditorium during The Justin Bieber Experiences performance of Somebody to Love. They are sitting together when Mr. Schue says New Directions style Brittany starts clapping and yelling. During Sunshine's Listen performance they are sitting together in the auditorium. They are seen sitting together during Mercedes and Rachel's diva-off. Santana jumps off the stage immediately after the performance wanting to know what Finn said to Rachel. She pauses and then says, "Britt, can you stop staring at me? Brittany says she doesn't know how she feels because Santana won't talk about it and Santana says she's attracted to both. They are still sitting together during the Warblers performance and are all smiles and both applaud them at the end. As Finn stated last night, Santana is a weepy-hysterical drunk, and Santana slowly becomes more and more upset until she bursts out in tears. They are with the others when Sandy gives money to help the Brainiacs, Brittany says something to Santana and Santana shakes her head. [1]Behind the scenes of Hell-OAdded by Lopierce4evatogether during Glee Club meetings. During the voting for the student council election, they are being interviewed by Jacob and Santana has a "Vote for Brittany" badge pinned to her Cheerios uniform. During the song, they can be seen looking at each other. Santana cuts her eyes at her. Mercedes asks how they manage to stay so skinny and they both reply with Sue's cleanse. At the beginning of her video, Brittany and Santana are both angels. Then Brittany says in front of Mr. Schue and their friends that obviously she likes to dance with Santana best. Santana watches Brittany and others dance to Ice Ice Baby with Will, then joins in. While in the choir room they are seen laughing with each other while the others talk about Michael. Brittany: Because I voted for you. The Quarterback She's so gullible that I could convince her that my royal decree had made her being with me the law of the land. She is staring at Brittany while she is breaking them up, not Sam. She says Brittany is so gullible that Santana could convince her that being with her was the law of the land. In the auditorium Santana and Brittany along with Tina, Sugar and Mercedes perform Cell Block Tango while Sue, Beiste and Caoch Roz watches. When Brittany is standing by her open locker you can see the drawing that Santana used to have in hers saying "Lord Tubbington thinks you're puuurrfect, so do i.". They are with the others in the hotel room during the group meeting. Of course not. Mercedes asks Santana to join Shelby's choir, but she says she won't leave without Brittany. So listen, how about you and I pop in some Sweet Valley High this evening and get our cuddle on?" After the performance is when Artie decides to confront Brittany. They are sitting together in the choir room when Rachel walks in with her mouth taped. They are together in the choir room with the others, Santana performs Trouty Mouth. Santana glances over at her then looks at her legs. At Sugar's Valentine's Day party, they are sitting next to each other at their own table at Breadstix, where Santana feeds Brittany a chocolate. Also, Santana is too afraid to be an out lesbian because of her reputation. Santana says, "He's just furniture. While warming up, they are standing in the back next to each other. They dance and sing along with the others in the mall to Barbra Streisand. While Finn and Rachel are talking about Jesse in the hotel lobby, you can see Brittany and Santana standing with Quinn in the background. In Season Three, Brittany and Santana's relationship was explored more. Love You The Most Always Love You Glee Santana And Brittany Glee Season 4 Matt And Blue Heather Morris Best Love Stories Naya Rivera Chris Colfer. She tells Santana to please not tell anyone, especially Artie. Later in the auditorium, Santana confronts Sam and both have a sing-off fighting for Brittany with Make No Mistake (She's Mine). During the New Directions performance, they are sitting together and dancing during Man in the Mirror. Then, she grabs Brittany's hand and points to the dance floor for them to go dance together. They have had a sexual relationship and also an intimate friendship. Brittany then starts dating Artie to make Santana jealous, which works. At the assembly, they drink Rachel's concoction and Brittany performs Tik Tok. Brittany says she would really like to get her sweet lady kisses on but she hasn't been feeling really sexy lately and that she thinks she has a "bun in the oven." Brittany comments on her pregnancy by saying "Probably down at the mall getting elastic waist pants," to which she looks at Santana, who then smiles widely and laughs, impressed by the joke. Brittany says "what about him (talking about Brad sitting at the piano)?" When Santana comes out Brittany is all smiles. Brittany asks if she did something wrong to which Santana replies, "I don't know. In the choir room Santana is sad because she's single on Valentine's Day and Santana gives Finn mono, who gives it to Quinn. Later in this episode, Brittany attempts to reconcile the relationship between Santana and her Abuela, resulting in Santana singing "Alfie". Previously Unaired Christmas They have their arms locked walking with the others to see where they placed. Proudly so." They get into a pillow fight on the hotel room bed with some of the other girls and Kurt. Later, when Finn gets in a fight with Puck, they are standing next to each other. No offense. Tina adds that Puck cannot get in trouble or he will have to go back to juvie. Brittany is sitting behind Santana in the choir room when Rachel attempts to take over. In I Am Unicorn, Brittany states that she is a "Bi-Corn", possibly meaning that Brittany is Bisexual. Brittany performing I Wanna Dance With Somebody with Santana. But I'm afraid of the talks and the looks. They are walking very close down the hall together talking on the phone to Artie, Mercedes and Puck about Rachel's party. They sing back-up for Quinn in Come See About Me, and share looks and smiles during the song. They were often seen locking pinkies in the hallways and the choir room, but that turned into handholding when their relationship became public. Santana and Brittany have the same anniversary as Kurt and Blaine since they married on the same day. They are together in the choir room discussing their song selection and it is obvious that Santana is now with Sam. After Mr. Schuester breaks up the fight, Santana and Brittany can still be seen in the background only this time, it is Brittany holding onto Santana's arms. But I'm afraid of the talks and the looks. Where I'm accepted. During Vogue, Brittany is the cone bra. They are together in the choir room when Mr. Schue is talking about song selection. Santana looks over at Brittany a couple times. Santana gives Brittany an appalled look when she says she gets all her information from Woody Woodpecker cartoons. They talk and confess that they feel really miss each other, however they remain separate. When cleaning the toilet paper, Brittany is seen next to Santana, who is filing her nails while Brittany tries re-rolling toilet paper. A shocked Santana tells her that the sex tape was for them only and was suppose to be private. Santana mentions how Sue filled hers and Britt's locker with dirt. After Mr. Schue breaks up the fight, Brittany and Santana walk off together. Santana says and you couldn't think of any other way to say that. Santana asks Mercedes to be her duet partner. Santana then waits for Brittany after a discussion between the New Directions to leave the choir room together, walking closely together. When they go visit Santa with some of the others they both watch one another tell Santa what they wish for. Lay It All Down, Got Something To Say, Lay It All Down, Throw Your Doubt Away, Do Or Die Now, Step Onto The Plate, Blow The Door Wide Open Like Up Up And Away." This is perfect. That's just too much for me to take and Santana knows that. Santana is wearing her friendship bracelet through a lot of the episode while Brittany is only wearing it randomly. While Brittany was dancing on stage in You Should Be Dancing, Santana can be seen in awe, and at one part she can briefly be seen pointing at Brittany. which causes Brittany and Santana to both get uncomfortable and scoff at the remark. They dance together before Brittany and Mike do their dance routine. They are also seen sitting next to each other in bridesmaid dresses while waiting for Quinn to arrive at the wedding. While Finn and Rachel are talking about Jesse in the hotel lobby, you can see Brittany and Santana standing with Quinn in the background. I'm Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You, Hit Me with Your Best Shot/One Way or Another, I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me), Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Head Over Feet, https://glee.fandom.com/wiki/Brittany-Santana_Relationship?oldid=3977099. They have cheated on their boyfriends with one another, but didn't label it as cheating due to the "plumbing being different" and "friends talking with their tongues super close. I'm a closet lesbian and a judgmental bitch which means one thing I have awesome gaydar. Sue walks up to them and says well if it isn't Tweedledumb and Tweedlefakeboobs. Santana is supportive of Brittany after the cheerio's routine, she can be heard cheering and clapping at the end. Body Shots If lesbian fans hadn’t been determined to see the Brittana ship sail before “Blame it on the Alcohol,” they were sure as hell resolved after seeing Santana do a body shot off of Brittany’s abs. They dance together during Puck's performance of Only The Good Die Young. Can we talk?" During, Halo/Walking on Sunshine, there is a brief portion of the song where they dance together. Santana starts crying and while Mercedes comforts her you can also see Brittany lean over to rub Santana's back and whisper something in her ear. Usually it would be Santana defending herself and Brittany but since she is upset Brittany looks to Santana and sees this and steps up and defends them, saying you can't talk to us like that. Brittany chimes in telling her she's more talented than her. In What the World Needs Now, Brittany and Santana plan their wedding, hiring Artie as their wedding recruiter. ‘The Boy Is Mine’ (Season 1, Episode 18) “Laryngitis” is one of the first “Glee” episodes to showcase … When Santana is by her locker and Sue talks to her, you see three photos of her and Brittany. At one point Brittany is looking at Santana with her hand on her heart. They are sitting at the same table at the reception. They are walking together with their pinkies locked when they pass Rachel and Kurt in the hall. They are seen in the background walking into the choir room. The rugby player says "Easy girls, I'm just trying to make her normal," to which Brittany fiercely replies in Santana's defense "She is normal," and Santana looks back at Brittany. When Finn leaves, Santana looks confused when Brittany asks "Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?". They come into Blaine and Kurt's house with the rest of the Cheerios, Mike, and Tina. In "Duets", Brittany and Santana are shown together in bed. Santana gets mad because all the glee girls are having a meeting without her. Brittany is sitting in the other chair smiling the entire time she's talking. Brittany then thanks Santana for understanding and Santana strokes her back. [24]Added by ViennaTangover, she says the song was so depressing, she thought she died. When Quinn is singing Never Can Say Goodbye, if you look in her locker there's a picture from the Extraordinary Merry Christmas (Episode) where Santana and Brittany are standing next to each other. Brittany and Santana are seen sitting together in the choir room as Quinn and Artie sing I'm Still Standing. When Finn asks them to include him in their conversation, Santana says that she and Brittany will make out while he watches and it's the best deal ever, which confuses Finn. Brittany is making a pouty face. Brittany is left looking confused as she watches Santana walk away. Santana's says "Bitch." Brittany, tearing up, says you were the only person at this school that had never called me that, she turns and walks off. Santana says look all I can say is Dave and I are going strong and were very excited about our prom queen and king campaign. I mean, you know what happened to Kurt at this school." They are together with the others in the choir room. In the auditorium everyone is in attendance except for Santana, before they perform Artie says where's Santana? They are with the others in the choir room during Finn's I've Gotta Be Me performance. When “Nationals” aired on television, it originally aired as part of a two hour Glee finale. When Santana's name is translated into English, it means Saint Anne. In the choir room they are sitting together while Mr. Schue and Coach Beiste are talking. When Santana sings the line "is life," she looks over at Brittany with a huge smile on her face. Especially because I know how bad it hurt. Brittany watched New Directions perform Push It. They are together in the choir room with the others during Mercedes performance of Hell to the No. When Sue says I want you to go after Finn, Santana looks at Brittany. To celebrate Glee making its way to Netflix, we have collated the LGBT characters’ best moments. After Stereo Hearts, Santana tells Joe she wants to hire them to sing a song to her girlfriend girlfriend, and Joe just looked shocked. On Fondue For Two, Brittany says, "I heard a rumor that Santana plays for the other team and I can confirm that rumor, it's 100% true. The two are often seen intimately cuddling, holding hands and walking with their pinkies locked. They both help Sue bring her nationals trophy to Will's apartment then leave together. When Santana get's up and says this glee club is not complete, Brittany turns to listen to her. Where I'm accepted? They are sitting together in the choir room after the food fight. Held hands for the first time in Hold on To Sixteen as a couple. While Brittany often makes unintelligent and nonsensical remarks, Santana rarely comments negatively but frequently gives her questioning looks, laughs or defends her from any harsh comment made directly at her. When Rachel walks into the choir room crying, they are shown holding hands. Brittany finds Santana after she ran out of prom. Brittany and Santana are walking down the halls together when they announce the Run the World (Girls) flashmob. Sue then pulls out an acceptance letter to the University of Louisville and Santana thanks Sue for it, but Sue says it was all Brittany's idea, which makes it appear that Brittany was trying to push her to make the right decision all along. In Without You, Brittany is seen staring at Santana, and than Brittany and Santana are shown holding hands. Brittany said if she ever broke up with Artie she would be with Santana, so her intentions seem to point to that she's waiting for Santana to be ready to be with her, and keeping herself available. Brittany drops the "Lebanese" t-shirt in Santana's hands and storms off leaving Santana standing there. She rushes over to Rachel shortly after and tells her how nervous she is about Dani because she's never been with a lesbian before, only with Brittany, who's bisexual, and girls who wanted to experiment.

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