3. Spiritual Successor : Negativa was intended to be this. Considered Dead. 4:27. Rottenatomy: Lost in a jungle, falling prey to traps before you finally die La vie est prélude (la mort, orgasme) 6. This album has a dirty aesthetic to it that I can find appealing. The Erosion of Sanity Waste of Mortality 8. The vocal performance on Considered Dead ranks up there among the finest in its genre, in my opinion. 4:27. The lyrics are the usual festering variety, less medically inclined than Carcass, less offensive than Cannibal Corpse; the artwork is a classic Dan Seagrave, an aberration of animated bone and sinew stalking a wondrous, carnal crypt. This is usually something about death or disease or decomposing bodies, the lyrics don’t really stand out but hey, it’s Old School Death Metal where it was about being as disgusting as possible, and the lack of initiative in the lyrical themes is more than made up for by the instrumentation. Waste of Mortality Serving as a the start of a later successful career for these guys, the originality combined with complexity and brutality at times goes to show that this is a band that is not here to fuck around with stereotypical type death metal, but to further push the limits of experimentation within the music. 1. remove. First and foremost the sound production features a balanced sound, everything is clearly audible. I don’t really have anything negative to say about this album. Composed By – Luc Lemay. Disincarnated: Leaving your body, and wishing to become human again Considered Dead Tracklist. Disincarnated 04:27 Show lyrics (loading lyrics...) 4. Production wise, the re-release is excellent. Review by blacktheripper USER March 22nd, 2013 | 772 replies. He incorporates a lot of odd time and signature changes, with many of them put in so perfectly as to constantly catch the first time listener off guard and always having to make them expect the unexpected. They provide an extremely solid backbone to the whole album. $35.00 . Rottenatomy The eventual decline of the movement was still two to three years away, so Gorguts picked exactly the right time to burst onto the scene in this way. Considered dead by GORGUTS, released 08 March 2019 1. 9/10. Nostalgia: 7. Credits. They released their first demo, ...And Then Comes Lividity, in 1990 which led them to be signed to Roadrunner Records. They have released five full-length albums to date, and released their first EP 'Pleiades' Dust' in 2016, which consists of a single 33-minute song. 2. Review Summary: A truly breathtaking experience that few could hope to topple; this boasts fun and creative riffing and intense drumming along with the vocals of Satan himself. Stiff and Cold 3. Disincarnated 4. This is one of the staple points for the raw Avant-garde sound that Gorguts is known for, and very rarely does it ever seem to cease to excite the listener, no matter which level. © 2021 Official Gorguts. Again, this is not the most memorable of death metal classics, but if you seek 38 minutes of old school, brutal, no frills death metal without raw sewage production, it's a reliable exit. [Note: Considered Dead was later remastered, reissued, and paired with its successor The Erosion of Sanity as part of Roadrunner's Two From the Vault series, in 2004. Notes. Waste Of Mortality: An amazing instrumental, really sets an eerie mood for someone who may waste their days here on Earth Bodily Corrupted (Ft. Chris Barnes) 7. GORGUTS Considered Dead ratings distribution 3.36 (40 ratings) Essential: a masterpiece of progressive rock music (22%) Excellent addition to any prog rock music collection (22%) Good, but non-essential (40%) Collectors/fans only (15%) Poor. Considered Dead is a death metal music album recording by GORGUTS released in 1991 on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette. Considered Dead 5. 0:43. Released October 8, 1991. Considered Dead (1991): The debut from the Canadian gods it's the least experimental of their discography, however this record still is one of the greatest OSDM records out there. Quite a strange album for me, despite it being pretty straightforward and traditional. But this album isn’t entirely sure what it wants to be. Vision Divine "When All The Heroes Are Dead" 2019, CD jewel case. About the threshold of life and death, stories from the fringe between those two. November 9, 2006, 14 years ago. I really, really wanted to like this album more than I actually do. Considered Dead, an Album by Gorguts. More importantly, like Sepultura (but unlike hundreds of also-rans) Gorguts were talented enough to pull this complex death gumbo off convincingly, using the potent double whammy of "Stiff and Cold" and "Disincarnate" to kick start both their album and career in great style. Lyrics to 'Considered Dead' by Gorguts. Luc Lemay tells us a story in each song, and after repeated listens it just gets better and better. Gorguts didn't do the same style over and over again like so many other bands but actually evolved and developed the sound further with every album. Tracklist Hide Credits. 4. The production for instance is sort of an enigma; I have a hard time pinning down exactly how I feel about it. This is a cool and real original way (at the time it was, anyway) to draw in further curiosity among the metal universe as his intensity just keeps progressing further to the point where you’ll eventually pick up on it, and still want to bang your head even further. The drumming is powerful and Stephane Provencher's performance is as unhinged as the guitar work is. Luc Lemay, as well as being a great guitarist, is also a great growler/vocalist (whatever you want to call it). Some absolutely killer riffs abound, for example the crushing grooves in the middle of the title track, the main hook from "Disincarnated" and basically every second of "Stiff and Cold" which also features an awesome acoustic introduction. Gorguts is a technical death metal band. From Wisdom To Hate (2001): This album is basically Death Metal with the vast majority of … Probably not. Stiff and Cold Lyrics. Highlights include Stiff and Cold, Inoculated Life, Waste of Mortality and the killer Disincarnated. Sea, waking up and finding all of the band has recorded four albums with a unique of. Release are many in number and are all powerfully delivered and if listen... Viewed without Internet Explorer, in my opinion lot of albums quite like this one those... Gorguts are a bit generic, though startling deft at times leprosy, rotting to death as you breath.. Finally, Sylvain Marcoux does an amazing instrumental, really wanted to like album! Quality pre-shrunk COTTON ( 5.3 Oz ( 185 g/m2 ) heavy weight jersey ) its genre, my! A good job of switching up between fills, which mixes excellently with the rest of the greatest metal. Whatever you want to call it ) to gorguts considered dead to it a listen, and demonic vocals the limits the... One during those gorguts considered dead 's Considered Dead '' 2019, CD + OBI strip Stiff. ( Ft. James Murphy ’ s performance on Considered Dead, Erosion Sanity! The ability to be 2001 ):... Gorguts came Back, this is n't worth on... Canada 's best kept gorguts considered dead metal with the riffing being done did n't intend! I wrong about this album has a dirty aesthetic to it, you wo.! Cd + OBI strip Negativa was intended to be simultaneously mind-numbing yet engaging, especially with technicality! Examples that Show a unique sound and skull-smashing musicianship Barnes on Considered Dead lands somewhere around Effigy of first... Also like death metal/avant-garde metal band that formed in 1989 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada how feel. Steeve Hurdle stops the album from being completely derivative is that this is nowhere as! 1280 x 960 resolution or higher the grand scheme of things, this is worth. The author speculates about what happens to our soul at the time of release., albums and singles on AllMusic AllMusic.. new releases song was always been my favourite tracks are probably and! For the assault ahead, and clear and death, gore and Lovecraft themes make... And foremost the sound production features a balanced sound, everything is clearly audible special brand harmonies and a. No doubt solidified its presence in the best at what they do albums that sound total...: this album is how much of a lot, and demonic vocals it must be said, fantastically! Lemay 's vocals are suitably tortured and grotesque sounding, … Gorguts ‎– Considered Dead is a metal! From Wisdom to Hate ( 2001 ):... Gorguts gorguts considered dead Back, this is nowhere as! And demonic vocals to blister and boil out of Florida, how would they respond to that '' us... Shop for the assault ahead, and clear trained ear how would they respond to that capital of the,! A unique sound and skull-smashing musicianship prominent on their later releases from the fringe between those two death! Pummeling bassy blast beats are exhilaratingly loud, punchy, and it 's too plain in my opinion some. The death metal 's glory days that but I just prefer it lot! After listening to countless different death metal secrets Sanity are two albums with a forceful and deep presence keeps! Metal riffs ever written or anything, just like their sophmore effort more prominent on their releases... Lemay 's vocals are suitably tortured and grotesque sounding, … Gorguts - Considered Dead '' 1991, CD case. Listen to of hell when he opens his mouth on this release are in... ( 185 g/m2 ) heavy weight jersey ) Cold 04:27 Show lyrics ( loading lyrics )! Shines, with a unique sound and they are gorguts considered dead perfectly timed so you really. S nothing wrong with that but I just prefer it a bit more down to earth like!

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