A series of personal logs, crew reports, and incident reports centered around the staff of the Spirit of Fire were written in the months prior to the release of the game on lead writer Graeme Devine's personal website. When a Reactor is built or an Age is researched, or a Forerunner secondary reactor is claimed, the tech number on the top right of the screen goes up. The GameStop Limited Edition included an excerpt of the Halo Wars: Official Strategy Guide, detailing strategies for the campaign mission Relic Approach. Des contraintes de temps ont empêché de nombreux éléments d’apparaître dans le jeu final. [37] It was also put up for retail as a digital download over iTunes and Sumthing Digital. Halo Wars ne devait à la base pas être un jeu Halo. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Celui-ci montre un groupe de Warthog recherchant des soldats disparus. Le designer Justin Rouse a dit que l'équipe a gardé les contrôles développés lors de ces essais mais a reconstruit le reste du jeu à partir de zéro[15]. [25] However, on December 8, 2010, 343 Industries and Halo Waypoint announced a reversal in their decision to cease Online Stat Tracking, citing they were "...always uncomfortable with the idea...", and "...decided that the current plan of action was not in line with how we have always intended to support Halo games and the Halo franchise in general. About a year later, these concepts were presented to Microsoft, who strongly insisted that the game be rebranded as a Halo title instead;[31] Microsoft doubted that a console RTS game could achieve adequate sales otherwise. Halo Wars est un jeu de stratégie en temps réel dans le style de Starcraft qui implique des unités et des bases sur différentes maps de l'univers Halo. Halo Wars started life as a project called Phoenix, a real-time strategy game being headed by Graeme Devine featuring Earthlings fighting Martians in a conflict similar to War of the Worlds. Changes in Blur's approach to CGI animation have resulted in some of the characters being recast. These are admitted by the writer to be "basically fanfiction" and are not considered canon, though some elements have made it into the canon proper. Ensemble Studios a créé le jeu pour qu'il soit spécifiquement adapté à la Xbox 360. Le commandant du vaisseau de guerre du CSNU Spirit of Fire est le capitaine James Cutter, un leader admiré par ses hommes[5]. Des musiques écrites par Martin O'Donnell des précédents volets seront présentes dans Halo Wars. It describes the controls featured and what expectation there are of the game. The UNSC leaders on the other hand do not appear on the battlefield, unless on certain campaign missions. Halo Wars est un jeu de stratégie en temps réel développé par Ensemble Studios et publié par Microsoft Game Studios sur la console Xbox 360. Rippy avait très à cœur de garder l'univers musical de la série Halo, pour cela il s'équipa de nouveaux matériels afin d'exprimer sa créativité de la meilleure des façons. The maps included in this Map Pack are: At the start of matches or levels, players are given one base with one scout unit and a limited amount of resources. Halo Wars is a real-time strategy game in the Halo Universe. It is a sequel to Halo Wars (2009). le capitaine Cutter apprend que les Covenants ont extrait quelque chose au pôle nord. Anders manages to escape, using what had been her stasis prison as a translocation device, teleporting to the surface of the shield world's interior and linking up with Forge and his Marines, who clear the area of Covenant forces and establish a base of operations on the shield world. For instance, infantry units can receive additional members or stronger weaponry. It is unknown how long the Alpha test was conducted, or when it began. Both factions can also advance by capturing Forerunner secondary reactors. Halo Wars 2 will take place thirty years after the events of Halo Wars. It was recorded in Prague, Czech Republic by 45 members of the FILMHarmonic Orchestra and a 21 voice choir at CNSO Studio No. There is no specific information regarding player ranking but players are able to achieve the ranks of Recruit, Lieutenant, Major, Commander, Colonel, Brigadier, and General. Halo Wars is a real-time strategy (RTS) video game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 video game console. Teams are differentiated by the color of the units. [30] This was essential at the time, as real-time strategy games were unable to provide control schemes that would deliver a good gameplay experience on a console. "[44] The storyline, although "mystical and slightly wonky", was presented well through Blur's "stunningly-rendered CG cut-scenes". Halo Wars släpptes den 27 februari 2009. 1. The ship begins her long journey home, likely to take many years or decades. All other Spartan-commandeered vehicles have a maximum of 13 "Veterancy Points". Three more modes are available if the player has the Strategic Options DLC (800 Microsoft Points): Keepaway, Tug of War, and Reinforcements. Some skulls retain the names and effects from previous games, such as Cowbell, Catch, and Grunt Birthday Party. Aircraft strength was lessened to prevent players from sending in air-strikes against the enemy Command Center and crippling them too easily, ruining many a protocol player's chances of victory. The demo was made available to non-Gold subscribers on February 12. Halo Wars 2A: Atriox Trailer veröffentlicht und Halo 3 Anniversery dementiert Im Zuge der Video Game Awards 2016 wurde ein neuer Trailer zu Halo Wars 2 veröffentlicht, welcher … Halo Wars on Ensemble Studiosin kehittämä ja Microsoftin julkaisema reaaliaikainen strategiapeli.Peli on julkaistu Xbox 360:lle vuonna 2009 ja Windowsille 20. huhtikuuta 2017 nimellä Halo Wars: Definitive Edition.. Peli sijoittuu alun perin Bungie Studiosin luomaan Halo-pelisarjan maailmaan, ajallisesti noin 20 vuotta ennen sarjan ensimmäisen osan Halo: Combat Evolvedin tapahtumia. Just like other Halo games, Halo Wars has strong characteristics of online gaming. There are fourteen maps in the original release, and the number rose to eighteen after the release of downloadable contents. The Arbiter attempts to stop them, but his Elites are killed by Red Team, and Forge manages to kill the Arbiter with one of his own Energy Swords. Spartan-II: Spartans are individually-trained and are superior to all UNSC and Covenant infantry types. All the player's units, buildings and leader abilities are already fully upgraded. This one is more strageticly based then random shooting. Halo 4 : King of the Hill Fueled by Mountain Dew, The Art of Halo: Creating a Virtual World, The Great Journey: The Art of Building Worlds, X23 Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon, Maastricht/Raleigh Ordnance Delivery-Application System, Halo 4: King of the Hill Fueled by Mountain Dew, https://www.halopedia.org/index.php?title=Halo_Wars&oldid=1385545. The studio eventually concluded the experimentation with the concept of a centralized user interface system and settled for micromanagement and base-building and restricted resource gathering and management to bases. Using their scout unit (Warthogs for UNSC, Ghosts or Choppers for Covenant), the player can seek out more resources to build manufacturing sites and supply pads, which in turn let the player build more powerful units and gain resources faster. [44] In addition, he lamented over how the units' effectiveness over each other are left to the player to explore, which was even more obvious for the Covenant in multiplayer. Before Ensemble conceived the idea for The Apex, the storyline was supposed to feature a Covenant mining asteroid that was located at a Forerunner ore refining mechanism. The tech tree is different for the two playable factions. As of February 28, 2010 (or March 1, 2010), Halo Wars and Halowars.com support was transferred from Robot Entertainment to Halo Waypoint. [14], Deploying ground forces to search for Anders, the UNSC and Covenant forces come under attack from a previously undiscovered alien organism - the Flood. Fabuła. Forge contacte les forces spéciales Spartan de la région et les aide à organiser l'évacuation. Field Armories or Temples (and the upgrades within them) can become available with increased technology as well. Halo Wars will immerse gamers in an early period of the Halo universe, allowing them to experience events 21 years prior to Halo: Combat Evolved. Forge et les Spartans retournent au Spirit of Fire et suivent le signal d'Anders pour arriver sur une planète inconnue dans un autre système solaire. Le jeu se déroule en l'an 2531[3], environ vingt ans avant les événements de Halo: Combat Evolved[4]. [24] This actually isn't an element of the game, but in fact a "balance issue". Halo Wars is based 21 Years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved. Here, Forge's cryo-tube is closed by Captain Cutter, who briefly nods, acknowledging the sergeant's sacrifice. Sept personnages de la trilogie halo sont présents dans ce jeu : le Capitaine Cutter, le Professeur Anders, le Sergent Forge, un Arbiter inconnu, le Prophète du Regret, le chef Brute et l'intelligence artificielle Serina. Le joueur commande des soldats humains du vaisseau Spirit of Fire pour empêcher qu'une flotte d'anciens vaisseaux tombe aux mains de l'Alliance Covenante. Spartans are equipped with a regenerating shield in addition to a health bar. The game is set in the Halo science fiction universe, 20 years before the video game Halo: Combat Evolved, which was released on 2001. After the Scarab's destruction, Anders and Forge begin documenting the area, only for Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee to arrive, taking Anders prisoner and wounding Forge, with Red Team arriving too late to assist. Действие разворачивается во вселенной Halo . A promotional image for Halo Wars appeared briefly in the background of the 2014 E3. On average, it will take a player 9 hours and 48 hours to complete Halo Wars, and 15 hours and 7 minutes leisurely. Halo Wars 2 is a real-time strategy video game developed by 343 Industries and Creative Assembly.It was published by Microsoft Studios and released in February 2017 on Windows and Xbox One.The game is set in the science fiction universe of the Halo franchise in 2559. Sergeant Forge and his forces are deployed on the ground in order to assist the Spartans of Red Team in the effort to evacuate civilians from Pirth City. ODSTs in the level Anders' Signal) that have a maximum of 5 Veterancy Points. Concept art of recruitable Sangheili heretics. Notably, Halo Wars was the first game in the series to receive a "'T' for Teen" rating from the ESRB, downgraded from the "'M' for Mature" rating given to previous installments; however, PEGI rated the game 16+ as with prior Halo games. On February 3, 2009, the second Halo Wars ViDoc was released. Along with 4 new maps, the DLC includes 4 new achievements as well. In Standard mode, players start off with a tech level of 0 and 800 resources. Die Entwicklung von Halo Wars 2 begann 2014, angekündigt wurde es auf der Gamescom 2015. The game was developed by Ensemble Studios, and is an Xbox 360 exclusive. Bases can be built only in select sites, and a base already occupying that site must be destroyed before another can be built. Le 4 août 2015, Microsoft a annoncé Halo Wars 2, développé par Creative Assembly avec l'aide de 343 Industries. Halo Wars 2 — відеогра жанру стратегії в реальному часі для Windows 10 і Xbox One, розроблена 343 Industries спільно з Creative Assembly і випущена Microsoft Studios 21 лютого 2017 року. La sortie s'est faite le 26 février 2009 au Japon et en Australie, le 27 février en Europe et le 3 mars aux États-Unis. They are also gained by upgrading the unit. The timeline covers many of the important events from the games and the novels. Players are given the Circle Menu to control buildings and increase their arsenal. All of the Covenant leaders appear on the battlefield and have unique in-game abilities. Along with the act, 343 Industries and Halo Waypoint planned to release one final Title Update to fix a cutscene bug in Theater from Title Update 4, and to disconnect the game from the site, moving the forums to Halo Waypoint's. The Spartans' starting weapons are dual-wielded SMGs. Le Spirit of Fire active par inadvertance une station Forerunner et rentre à l'intérieur de la planète. Le Spirit of Fire s'enfuit pendant que Forge surcharge l'hyperpropulsion, détruisant la flotte Forerunner au passage. Halo Wars è un videogioco strategico in tempo reale del 2009, sviluppato da Ensemble Studios e pubblicato da Microsoft Game Studios per Xbox 360 e Microsoft Windows.Si tratta di uno spin-off della fortunata saga di videogiochi Halo, e cronologicamente si colloca prima degli eventi narrati in Halo… This concept tries to show the scale of the large Forerunner machinery in place with machines that are still operational, although now controlled by the Covenant. Extremely wide-angle full cover art for the Limited Edition cover. After rounding up these survivors, Forge leads them in an assault that removes the Covenant presence and reestablishes Alpha Base, returning it to operational status. Some special player units in campaign mode (e.g. All units must be upgraded including turrets and leader abilities. Il s'agit du premier spin-off de la licence Halo et la première de ses déclinaisons dans le genre RTS. L'équipage découvre que la planète est creuse, avec un intérieur habitable et un soleil miniature. Das Spiel spielt im Jahr 2559, 28 Jahre nach den Ereignissen von Halo Wars und kurz nach den Ereignissen von Halo 5: Guardians. Some newer off-screen demos were released, showing how the controls work and how battles proceed.[42]. Upon returning to Alpha Base, the UNSC's main outpost on Harvest, Forge finds it under attack by a contingent of Covenant grou… La surface de la planète est infestée par le parasite Flood qui attaque et assimile toute forme de vie intelligente qu'il rencontre. Halo Wars is a real-time strategy video game for the Xbox 360.It was developed by Ensemble Studios.The game was released by Microsoft.It was released in Japan and Australia on February 26, 2009, in Europe on February 27, and in North America on March 3. Will Porter of IGN praised the developers for creating the atmosphere in "musky UNSC-scent" by using familiar sound effects, and for creating an "RTS that works, and works well, on console. L'équipe s'est également inspirée de la série principale Halo mais à cause de la vue éloignée de Halo Wars, les traits ont dû être accentués pour rendre les personnages plus reconnaissables de loin[12]. La démo est sortie sur le Xbox Live le 11 février 2009, elle a été téléchargée plus de 2 000 000 fois en 5 jours[44]. Halo Wars est présente durant l'Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) de 2007 et 2008. An early build was shown on G4's E3 08 LIVE, showing a hands-on demo. It begins in the year 2531, 21 years prior to Halo: Combat Evolved, during the Covenant eradication of the Outer Colonies in the Human-Covenant war. The game was developed by Ensemble Studios and is an Xbox 360 exclusive. De plus, certains éléments de l'univers Halo ne fonctionnaient pas dans un jeu de stratégie[22]. Six ans après l'invasion de Harvest par les Covenant, des forces du CSNU sont toujours en train de se battre sur la planète. [16] The UNSC forces withdraw back to the Spirit of Fire as a concentrated Flood force begins to gather momentum, narrowly escaping annihilation, regrouping at Spirit of Fire over the lake - which splits to reveal an entrance, and with swarms of Sentinels emerging to deal with the Flood. [12] Moving in to examine what was of such interest to the Covenant, they come under attack from a Scarab, only partially complete though capable of destroying any UNSC forces in its line of sight. Bien qu'Ensemble Studios ait dû produire de nombreux éléments graphiques pour le jeu, Bungie avait laissé de nombreux documents de référence pour le projet de long-métrage Halo, que l'équipe de Halo Wars a pu utiliser. Les développeurs ont fait tester le jeu à des fans de Halo ; leur retour a conduit à ajouter des capacités spéciales dans le jeu, ce qui d'après Devine a renforcé le côté Halo du jeu[16]. Halo Wars [edit | edit source] Halo Wars is the start of a Second "Bonus" Trilogy in the Halo Franchise. After arriving on the installation, Red Team is de… Le jeu nous permettra de voir de nouvelles unités et véhicules du CSNU, ainsi que l'armada du programme Spartan-II, dont le Master Chief (le héros de la série Halo) est l'un des derniers représentants. Concept art of an intense battle to claim a Forerunner structure. [38][39] The response to the score was almost universally enthusiastic, with most critics praising Stephen Rippy's taking the series into new stylistic territory while still paying homage to and reworking classic themes and ideas. Downloadable content and support were handled by Robot Entertainment, a studio founded by ex-Ensemble Studios employees after the latter studio's closing. Halo Wars' live gaming characteristics include Direct voice communication & Online leader boards. [24] There are two modes in Skirmish, Standard and Deathmatch. Il est aussi possible de rajouter des bots et de modifier leurs difficultés : facile, normal, héroïque et légendaire. Halo Wars features a "Skirmish Mode", where the player can battle on multiplayer maps against an AI opponent in 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3 match. In Skirmish, all of the UNSC leaders have the aforementioned abilities, along with the "Disruption Bomb" ability as well as a bomb depending on the leader. Ce jeu se déroule dans l'univers de fiction Halo en l'an 2531, vingt ans avant les évènements du jeu Halo: Combat Evolved. L… Zeitgleich wurde auch ein Teaser veröffentlicht, worin ersichtlich wurde, dass es sich bei Halo Wars entgegen den bisherigen Spielen nicht um einen Ego-Shooter handelt, sondern um ein Echtzeit-Strategiespiel.Halo Wars verwendet eine isometrische Perspektive, bei der man das Bild sowohl drehen als auch vergrößern kann. Halo Wars received generally positive reviews. Halo Wars 2 è un videogioco strategico in tempo reale del 2017, sviluppato da The Creative Assembly e pubblicato da Microsoft Game Studios per Xbox One e Microsoft Windows.Si tratta di uno spin-off della fortunata serie di videogiochi Halo, e cronologicamente si colloca nello spazio temporale che trascorre tra gli eventi di Halo 5: Guardians e Halo Infinite (). Le joueur peut contrôler des véhicules, de l'infanterie, des unités aériennes, s'emparer de bases supplémentaires et leurs donner différents ordres, en sachant que chaque unité a une attaque spéciale. Despite speculation of a version for the PC, Ensemble and Microsoft have repeatedly said that no such plans have been made or even considered. Ensemble Studios a étendu l'univers de Halo pendant le développement du jeu afin de créer des unités supplémentaires et donner plus d'options stratégiques au joueur. Cutter learns from Forge that the Covenant is excavating something at Harvest's northern pole. Il est en outre possible de modifier ces unités et de les rendre plus puissantes. Certain characters belonging to both the Covenant and the UNSC are leaders, which are sub-factions with unique units and bonuses. Two player online Co-op for the campaign story is available in the game.[23]. There are still skulls that make no change to the game's difficulty. Halo Wars is the first real-time strategy game in the Halo franchise. US: March 3, 2009 [1] Halo Wars Skulls, just like previous skulls in other Halo games, are hidden in the campaign for the player to find, and when activated, modify gameplay elements. [13] Rapidly heading out of the system aboard a starship, the Spirit of Fire follows, eventually emerging in orbit over a mysterious planet. It was soon taken down, and other sites which put it up, including halo.bungie.org, removed it at the request of Microsoft Game Studios. When found, skulls are available for the player to activate in the game's pause menu in both campaign and Skirmish. Multiplayer maps are mostly based on the locations introduced in campaign. Les Parasites sont impliqués dans l'histoire. Avant qu'ils puissent préparer le réacteur, Forge et les Spartans sont attaqués par l'Arbiter et ses Élites. [citation needed]. Ultime création du développeur historique Ensemble Studios, il a relevé le défi technique de transposer un genre considéré comme exclusif au PC, et est aujourd'hui le RTS le plus vendu sur consoles. [21] Forge stays behind to detonate the reactor, while the rest of the UNSC forces activate a portal out of the shield world, evacuate to Spirit of Fire, and manage to slingshot around the sun to build up enough speed to escape the supernova's blast radius and the range of the shield world's debris.[22]. Bungie didn't have the manpower to take on the game, and resented the use of the Halo IP in a different genre, going so far as to calling it a "whoring" of the franchise. Halo Wars es un videojuego de estrategia en tiempo real, desarrollado por Ensemble Studios exclusivamente para la videoconsola Xbox 360, basado en el universo de Halo.Fue publicado el 26 de febrero de 2009 en Japón y Australia, el 27 de febrero en Europa y el 3 de marzo en Estados Unidos. [44] Other criticisms of the game were how "it rarely feels like [the player is] playing a sentient opponent" in campaign, and that cooperative play "[leaves] each player in the dark as to exactly what their counterpart is up to". Forge se porte volontaire pour cette tâche suicidaire, disant aux Spartans qu'on aura besoin de chacun d'entre d'eux pendant les combats à venir. They instead have economic bonuses and "super units" (upgrades of normal units). Le Spirit of Fire voyage alors jusqu'à Arcadia, où les Covenants ont commencé à attaquer les villes et massacrer les civils. In the end the mining aspect of the story was removed from the game. The Spirit of Fireis sent to Harvest to investigate Covenant activity on the ruined world. Les Covenants construisent un gigantesque bouclier d'énergie pour masquer la construction d'un Scarab, mais les forces du CSNU utilisent un équipement expérimental pour passer à travers. Veterancy points increases a unit's statistics, including attack, attack speed, defense, and hitpoints. Le studio a confirmé en avril 2006 qu'il travaillait sur un jeu de stratégie pour console. Le professeur Ellen Anders se joint à l'expédition militaire du Spirit of Fire ; c'est une scientifique qui s'intéresse aux anciennes ruines des Forerunners. Wake up. It can be watched here. The stars, or Veterancy Points, are acquired only after a unit or a group of units have defeated enemy structures, units, vehicles, or other combat related situations. Elle détermine que l'installation est une carte interstellaire et reconnaît les coordonnées de la colonie humaine Arcadia. En 2525, un collectif de races extraterrestres connu sous le nom de Covenant attaque l'espèce humaine, qu'ils considèrent comme hérétique. In addition to the eight new achievements from the Historic Battle Map Pack, there are a total of 58 achievements in Halo Wars, worth 1200 Gamerscore. À la base, Bungie avait conçu Halo: Combat Evolved comme un jeu de stratégie en temps réel dans lequel le joueur contrôlerait des unités et des véhicules dans un environnement en 3 dimensions[9]. In Deathmatch, players start with 15,000 resources and a tech level of 4 for the UNSC, and 3 for the Covenant (Building a Temple increases the tech level to six, but more importantly give the player the leader). Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is an RTS developed by Ensemble Studios and 343 Industries, with Behaviour Interactive being responsible for the PC port. Leaders include Captain James Cutter, Sergeant John Forge, Professor Ellen Anders, Ripa 'Moramee, an unknown Jiralhanae Army Commander and the Prophet of Regret. [31] Renovating the game to take place in the Halo universe required a great deal of effort, despite Microsoft's misconception that the original assets could be simply "paint[ed] over with Halo stuff."[32]. Halo Wars är titeln på ett realtidsstrategi-spel utvecklat av Ensemble Studios och Robot Entertainment, och gavs ut av Microsoft Game Studios till Xbox 360.. Spelet utspelar sig drygt 20 år innan det första spelet, Halo: Combat Evolved. Pour s'assurer de la continuité artistique avec les jeux précédents, le studio a créé un ensemble de règles à suivre pour leurs artistes[17]. Les troupes de Forge viennent à bout des Covenants avant qu'ils puissent détruire l'installation et le professeur Anders arrive. Cutter décide de détruire la flotte Forerunner plutôt que de permettre aux Covenants de l'utiliser. It consisted of a brief "tutorial" and multiplayer, and was "limited to a specific set of units." When technology is increased, more units, upgrades, and buildings become available. During the Alpha test, anti-air units were glitched, so that their effectiveness was lessened, and Scorpion tanks and aircraft were extremely powerful. In Keepaway mode, players capture the flag from their opponent and bring it back to their base. Le studio a été fermé par Microsoft juste avant la sortie du jeu mais un nouveau studio a été créé par des membres d'Ensemble Studios. L'équipe Xbox d'IGN a classé le jeu Halo Wars à la septième place des jeux les plus attendus de l'année 2009[42]. Quant au mode multijoueur, il permet à 2, 4 ou 6 joueurs de s'affronter simultanément en 1vs1, 2vs2 et 3vs3. This change was to occur on December 15, 2010. Five Long Years is a Halo Wars cinematic preview released on the July 14th of 2008 depicting the five year long struggle to reclaim Harvest from the Covenant, as well as being the first cutscene for the game. A unit's veterancy point is indicated by the number of stars the unit has above its health bar. With the guidance of the AI Serina, from the UNSC CFV-88 Spirit of Fire, the player leads UNSC soldiers and vehicles against classic Covenant foes. [44] Porter rated the game 8.2/10, comparing its uniqueness among RTS games akin to how Halo: Combat Evolved was able to set itself apart from other FPS games, and praised the game for being able to satisfy both RTS fans and Halo fans. A Sangheili inspecting a dead Marine in the announcement trailer. Elites Covenant emboscam a patrulha e uma batalha envolve veículos humanos e Covenant e infantaria. La sortie s'est faite le 26 février 2009 au Japon et en Australie, le 27 février en Europe et le 3 mars aux États-Unis. PEGI: 16+ (Europe only). Le développeur Dave Pottinger a dit qu'ils devaient correspondre aux attentes des fans de Halo[20]. The Historic Battle Map Pack was released to Xbox LIVE Marketplace on July 21, 2009 and sells for 800 Microsoft Points. [40], An Alpha test was done for Halo Wars,[23] concluding during May, 2008. Le jeu a été officiellement présent au Xbox Show 2006. Additionally, up to six players can play three-versus-three match head-to-head over Xbox LIVE. Une fois les développeurs satisfaits par les contrôles, ils ont présenté leur projet à Microsoft, qui a suggéré d'en faire un jeu Halo[16]. L'histoire de Halo Wars se déroule vingt ans avant les évènements de Halo: Combat Evolved, au début de la guerre opposant les Humains du CSNU et la Coalition Covenants.

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