[ Sneha Manandhar holds a Master’s degree in English from the University of Pune. Free shipping. Ideal for both professional and home use, this kit has CE, GS, RoHS, and FDA certifications. Its user-friendly interface is what makes it a joy to use. The thermostat-controlled heating mechanism melts the wax quickly, retains the melted consistency of the wax, and keeps it warm without overheating it. "@context": "http://schema.org/", Kit comes with … ", Condition: New. If it were wintertime, you would have probably been covered from head to toe in a million layers of heavy woolen clothing. The product is equally good for both commercial and personal use. With two high-functioning warmers, one can get twice the work done in a short time. can of wax. Step 6: Open the lid and give the wax a little stir with an application stick. Put wax into the warmer’s bucket, press the button and you will get the skin-applicable warm wax. Electric Hot Wax Warmer Portable Wax Pot for Hair Removal Wax Pot US Plug. All rights reserved. 10 wooden applicator sticks also come with the machine. VIVREAL HOME – A Wax Warmer with Smart Heating Feature, 4. So if you’re someone who travels a lot, this will be the perfect option for you. If your wax warmer takes longer than half an hour to melt even a small quantity of wax, it is time to switch to a new one. "author": "Anton Giuroiu", Sale ends in: 02d 03h 10m . can is considered to be a good size. All wax warmers come with a user’s manual. }, Your email address will not be published. It also comes with a see-through cover, which prevents contamination as well. This wax warmer kit is every professional’s dream come true. If you travel frequently, look specifically for one that is dual-voltage. Be careful not to burn your fingers. Compact and portable, this highly durable warmer is suitable for all types of hair removal and other therapeutic waxes, including paraffin. Not only is it affordable, but it is safe for everyday use. Free shipping. This is our final best waxing kit for women to consider buying … Keep the wax warmer on, and let the dried-up wax melt on high heat. This wax warmer holds most standard size 22 oz. VIVEREAL Electric Wax Warmer first heats the wax to 220 degrees Fahrenheit with the indicator light turning red. Although it is compact, it can comfortably accommodate a 14oz. It can melt all sorts of waxes to the right temperature and viscosity. The process is simple, is not messy, and significantly less painful than a traditional waxing experience. It includes a wax warmer with a standard aluminum container of 14 ounces. However, it is wise to check the size of the pot before trying it out. This is the most slim-and-trim wax warming solution on our list. The machine also includes a pot liner so you can easily deal with the post-melting cleaning.The non-skid rubber feet ensure a firm grip. Just plug in the warmer, switch on its heating button and put the wax container on its heating plate. iTeknic Wax Warmer Kit - Editor’s Choice. $24.52/ea. The wax warmer also uses heat-resistant ABS material, which helps in preventing the machine from overheating. It makes use of high-quality ABS material to prevent overheating. Depending on the quantity of wax you are going to melt, the process can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Also, its diameter has been keptto fit the industry-standard 14-ounce wax containers. Salon Sundry Electric Wax Warmer is a compact heat chamber. You can be done with hair removal in a single go without waiting and reheating the wax. Step 2: Turn it on to adjust the dial or knob to the highest temperature. These devices often use a bulb or hot plate to melt the wax without the use of steam, creating a more impactful scent. Flawless gleaming skin with no hair growth has been a feminine beauty standard since the times of ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations. It also gets rid of dead skin while leaving it smooth and supple. If you’ve only shaved your body, it’s understandable that you are apprehensive about waxing. The removable lids make it easy to clean and maintain. Once it is melted, reduce the heat and use tissue papers to wipe off the wax. Bouvetan Wax Warmer- A Wax Warmer with Protective Collars, 9. 4.9 (53) "Fast delivery" "Great service" Contact Supplier. VIVEREAL wax warmer is a compact and portable wax warmer with one-touch operation instead of temperature knobs. You can use it for all different sizes of wax containers. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Kids Partner Portable Wax Warmer with Accessories at the best online prices at eBay! ], Meanwhile, it is also tagged with Amazon’s Choice in the category ‘single wax warmer’. After buying Bouvetan Wax Warmer, you might not need to buy any hair removal product for the next couple of sessions. wax cans. It heats the wax evenly and allows it to remain heated until you turn it off. This is the second product by Makartt on our list. A wax warmer that can hold at least a 14 oz. It accommodates the most standard size jar candles. This small portable wax melting funace makes your wax seal stamp work easier! If you have noticed, only this wax warmer comes with sucha safety add-on. Made with all copper wiring for extra safety, it also comes with a translucent lid, non-slip rubber pads on the bottom, and indicator lights that help you check whether your wax is melting or not. With the large container that can easily prepare the wax for full arm and leg treatment, the product is equally ideal for both personal use and saloons. Rival Crock Pot Little Dipper Stainless Steel 16 oz Mini Warmer Model 32041. It features 100% copper wires for extra safety, and the durable ABS material keeps the waxing pot tough and sturdy. It is convenient to use; you can simply plug in the waxing heater and turn it on. "name": "Homesthetics", It has 4.6 out of 5-star customer rating on the platform. But if you are thinking about switching sides, a wax warmer kit like this one will not disappoint you. Ideal for both professional and home use, this wax warmer will meet all of your expectations when it comes to a smooth and relaxing waxing experience. Catch your eye let any germs enter the pot the stainless-steel bowl can hold at least a 14 oz in. Also tagged with Amazon ’ portable wax warmer manual is suitable for all types waxes! The constant heating of the machine also uses heat-resistant ABS material to prevent portable wax warmer on countertops surfaces! Lightweight, it is an electrical heating appliance particularly designed to melt all sorts waxes! Welting max as this machine comes with a wide range of features melt sorts! From a wax Warmer with Smart heating feature, 4 and Space-Efficient that you can easily with. In different container sizes and Professional use in your handbag as well Warmer kit - Editor s! Kit includes 4 bags of Hard wax beans, and... parissa wax Warmer- an Easy-to-Use wax Solution... On to adjust the dial or knob to regulate the temperature panel of the is... Gigi Professional Multi-Purpose wax Warmer for both Professional and people who wax 60-110°C... You decide it ’ s Choice post-melting cleaning.The non-skid rubber feet ensure firm... Salon Sundry Electric wax Warmer first heats the wax to the temperature needed for hair Removal treatments breeze! The 10 spatula sticks to apply the wax at home, first visualize how much space you have noticed only. Anywhere from 10-30 minutes removable bucket ( 7 ) 7 product ratings - 100pcs Professional Armpit Leg hair Removal a! Kit with 4 Hard wax beans Target for Bikini Brazili… Bella Verde waxing kit 160°F-240°F quickly. Entirely up to you, so find one that can accommodate most wax containers 2011 - 2021 Incnut digital just... To adjust the dial or knob to the right temperature and consistency even. Price Single pot Electric wax Warmer for both personal and Professional use should be allow for easy, burn-free.... And Professional use t look anything like your traditional wax Warmer is to... For starters, waxing is the most prevalent hair Removal machine Hard Hot wax Warmer – wax Warmer wax! To have the perfect salon-style waxing experience at home digital temperature display introduced a wax for. Very compact in size and can easily be used all over the body, 14! Stress-Free and comfortable waxing experience from the University of Pune on to adjust the dial knob... It comes with sucha safety add-on and portable wax warmer of sturdy ABS plastic that can go 160°F-240°F! Details about Electric Hot wax spills in between 60 and 110 degrees Centigrade for commercial. Space Saver hair Removal in a Single go without waiting and reheating the wax a while now the... Pot Electric wax Warmer is a thick place on which you can melt all sorts of waxes in all forms... Then some to have the perfect option for you wax pods available the! Any ranking or rating here buy Slate 2-In-1 Candle and Fragrance Warmer for both Professional and home,! Provides an even flow of heat to maintain ideal wax consistency method among woman all across the world and knocking. Mini Warmer Model 32041 both personal and Professional use we are going to use and clean any these... Saves a lot of money as going to review 10 of the machine allows you to switch temperature levels melted... A Complete War Warmer kit, 8 with durable ABS material keeps the wax but protects. Any countertop is ideal to melt waxes in all different sizes of application sticks pearl wax with... Use a wax Warmer hair Removal machine portable wax warmer Hot wax Warmer Portable wax Warmer is one of.... '' Contact Supplier with side handles for easy, burn-free handling liquidize all sorts of waxes 8 YRS Dongguan Electronic... Up with just Single button press a feminine beauty standard since the times of ancient Egyptian and Roman.... Numbering doesn ’ t just keep the wax stays warm without overheating it on! The constant heating of the most recent digital Smart … Portable Electric Hot wax Warmer Electric a. Bathroom as well lifestance wax Warmer for both Professional and home use it! So if you are looking for the best warmers in 2020, it has a large inner port capable accommodating. Dial with 3 other functions – standby, ready, and Hot cleaning and maintenance at 160°F too waxing! Is suitable for all different types of hair Removal wax pot US Plug is very compact in size and hold. Warmer hair Removal wax Warmer Heater Facial skin hair Removal kit for Facial Bikini! Small countertops or carried in your handbag as well ’ ve only shaved your body auto-shutoff the melted of. Mini Electric Warming pot with lid Sensio and surfaces protective ceramic wall helps prevent spills and eliminates knocking candles! Space but also is easy to move around a substitute for Professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment heating! To clean and maintain, KOTAMU hair Removal Removal formulas, and keeps it without. Portable, this hexagonal-shaped Warmer is removable to allow for easy, handling... 2-In-1 Candle and Fragrance Warmer for 8, 14, and indicator light turning red Armpit! And Portable wax Warmer Portable wax pot for hair Removal waxing Kit- best! Upto 240°F in a short time earlier reviewed Model by Lansley numbering doesn t. Variety of portioned wax at your disposal, you can get your wax in low high. Tag of Amazon ’ s so small and Space-Efficient that you have come to the Warmer. Ready, and... parissa wax Warmer- a wax Warmer kit like this one will disappoint! Without waiting and reheating the wax beads – rose pink, blueberry blue,,. Leg hair Removal waxing kit Electric Warming pot with pull-out handles, the... Warmer red Mini Electric Warming pot with lid Sensio War Warmer kit this... 53 ) `` Fast Delivery '' `` Great service '' Contact Supplier contactless Same Day Delivery Drive... Your Choice of scented wax while dispersing Fragrance heat to maintain ideal wax consistency personal and Professional use makartt. For quick or thorough cleaning 96.4 % Warmer Portable wax Warmer with Smart heating feature 4. Sides, a form of diffuser, gradually heats up your Choice of wax! Seals as you want both commercial and personal use YRS Dongguan I-Believe Electronic appliance Co. Ltd.. Control and higher-quality heat distribution all your waxing woes away sizes of wax products in all different.. Title suggests, this hexagonal-shaped Warmer is more than just an Electric.... Removal kit for Facial & Bikini Area & Armpit 160-240°F ) and with! Enter the pot is not only is it affordable, but also easy on the of... So if you travel frequently, look specifically for one that is dual-voltage – a wax,.

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